HTC forcing you to give up your privacy/photo material, Part Deux.

By WhatsappHack on Wednesday 12 November 2014 07:41 - Comments (12)
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In the area of "rather insane responses from large companies", HTC did just post a somewhat funny remark... Seriously, how can you be so dense!?

Just for the record: I really love HTC, but they're taking the piss here.
I complained to them about the problem with HTC Zoe suddenly forcing you to upload your videos to their servers, with no option to store the videos locally anymore.
I complained it was a privacy violation and a security issue.

After a month of silence, they replied...
The response is so stupid that I can't believe that they seriously believe this is a solution...
We know that many users enjoyed saving a Zoe locally in the past. We have added in a feature that allows you to download your Zoe after you post it. Open the Zoe you uploaded, tap the menu button in the upper right corner, and tap Download Zoe. Thanks for your feedback and patience!
Are you freaking kidding me!?
Why on earth would I generate a Zoe highlight vid, upload that video and then download it again just for local storage? I can loudly hear all telecom provides implying bandwidth limits having orgasms over this awesome piece of nonsense... "How to completely waste your bandwidth by being forced to go through a whole bunch of stupid actions to get access to your own material - A short story by HTC".

How devious!
This keeps two problems in play:
1.) You're wasting bandwidth, rather than saving locally, you now upload it and then download it again. How retarded is that? Just save locally at once! (But no, that way HTC doesn't get all your data and nobody would use the freaking Zoe upload feature. It's like Facebook Messenger: just force users and shove it down their throat before they can use it... Great going, HTC!)
2.) You still have to upload your own material to their servers first!! If you don't want that, and you really shouldn't want that: you're still stuck with a useless app and crippled functionality in your phone!

I don't get why HTC keeps demanding that you give away your rights, your privacy AND are forced to rely on them to keep their servers safe. (yeah, like that always works out just fine... Right, iCloud?)
They just don't get the freaking message...

HTC, I don't want to upload ANYTHING to your servers to begin with!
Stop this stupidity, stop shoving useless privacy invading/security compromising features down our throats and just return the functionality we had when we purchased the phone.
This was a great feature, which you completely ruined with this Online madness.

Don't go Facebook on our asses, just return to us what we paid for.